The coast of Alanya consists of wide beaches and they have Blue Flag. Blue Flag is an international practice that determines and inspects the cleanness of the sea water and beach standarts. Blue Flag is to the beaches that conforms with these qualities and it is valid for one year. Every fortnight microbiological and physiochemical analyses of the water is done. In Alanya the colour of the sea turns to turquoise from blue. In still weather it is possible to see the fish deep in the sea. It is common of fish wandering around your feet. The west and east coast of Alanya are beaches. In the west, are Damlataş and Cleopatra beaches and in the east are Keykubat and Portakal beaches. Out of the city, there are come beaches like Ulaş, Konaklı, Fuğla, İncekum, Mahmutlar. Alanya beaches are miles long. Besides the beaches, there are some natural beaches next to the motorway, under the slope of a hill or among some ancient ruins which awaits its guests who prefer being just with the nature and the history. The rules of local administrations as well as the international ones are applied at the beaches in Alanya city centre. In accordance with these, entrance to the beaches and the showers are free. Deck chairs and beach umbrellas are provided in return of money; however it is not obligatory to seek these service. At buffets in the beaches there are no price difference. At the beaches no boats and water sports vehicles are allowed within a certain distance from the coast; swimming areas are determined with barriers.     

 Damlataş Beach
To the west of the historical peninsula, in front of Damlataş Cave. It has a Blue Flag. The sea and the beach is sandy. The beach leans backwards the skirts of peninsula. The small bay of this beach extending to the peninsula and made of stones is called Cleopatra. According to the mythology Egyption Queen Cleopatra, in a voyage in Mediterranean, stopped by in Alanya and had a swim in this bay. The special feature of Cleopatra Bay is that the clearness of its water. People who are looking for a long swimming coarse can swim along the coast to Fosforlu Cave under the peninsula. If you have a goggles you can see the fish and other services due to payment.

Cleopatra Beach
A part of Damlataş Beach, it is about 2 km long. It has a Blue Flag. Its sea and beach is sandy. It has a wide beach. The depth of the sea reaches height of a man after 3-4 steps. It is the most popular beach of Alanya; in summer thousands of people come here. In some parts behind the beach are sports fields, parks, hotels and cafes. Along the beach are some water sport enterprises such as parachute, jet ski, sea bicycle, etc; entertainment water sports activities are done beyond swimming area. Entrance is free; deck chairs, umbrellas are due to payment. About every 50 metres you can a refresment stall; in refreshment stalls fast food and drinks are available. Sunset creates a beautiful view here in this beach. 


Keykubat Beach
Situated to the east of the peninsula, it is 3 km long starting from the Municipality building and on. It owns a Blue Flag. The sea and the beach is sandy, there are some sand rocks in some parts. Because of the parks and gren area of the hotels along the beach, it is also called Begonvil Beach. Like Cleopatra, this is also a popular beach. In the coast you can find all kinds of water sports activities. Entrance is free; beach services are due to payment. Deck chairs, umbrellas can be found from the refreshment stalls located in every 50 metres. The restaurants and cafes of the hotels also welcome people coming. You can go on a boat trip from the quays of some of the hotels.     

Ulas Beach

It is 5 km west of Alanya and next to the road. It is arranged as a picnic area on a rocky cape; the bay beach is reached by some stairs. The sea and the beach is sandy. The slope behind the beach is given a look of an old fortress. The beach is also the stopping point of some boats going on a daily voyage. There are some natural tables, sitting places and stoves for cooking in the picnic area. There are some trees and flowers around. The transportation is supplied by regular bus shuttles from the city centre. Entrance to the picnic area and the beach is due to payment. There is a car park. Ulaş is a holiday resort where domestic and foreign tourists would like to visit. 

Mahmutlar Beach

In about 20 km east of Alanya. The sea and the beach is sandy, in some parts sand rock. Some parts of the coast that is about 5 km. are natural beaches. In the parts where there are refreshment stalls, deck chairs and umbrellas are available. Entrance is free. Mahmutlar coast is on Alanya-Gazipaşa road and there are public buses to the area all day long.