Although Alanya is on the coast of the Mediterranean, its back rests on Western Taurus. The Taurus Mountains are of essential importance in the life of Alanya people. Going to pasture in the mountains and spending the summer there is a thousand-year’s Turkoman tradition. Up until the last century, the villagers used to leave their villages with the coming of spring and go to pasture. On the plains of the Taurus exceeding thousand meters, the tents made of goat hair were pitched and while on one side flocks were put out the pasture on the other side people makes cheese and butter and weave carpets and rugs. The pasturage culture today exists in the luxurious cottages instead of the tents for people to go there and have a cool weekend holiday. The Taurus hold the unique beauty of the nature with its pine and cedar trees covered by forests, deep valleys, peaks in clouds and rivers coming from peaks. Nowadays the pastures are commonly visited by both local and foreign tourists; old Turkmen traditions do still exist in these daily picnic areas.    

 Dim River
Dim River takes its source from the Taurus and flows to the Mediterranean from the east of Alanya; there are picnic areas on the coast of it which is 15 km inside from the coast of the Mediterranean. In summer the tables of field restaurants under the old plane trees are set in the brook. The guests sit there bare feet in the brook. What’s more, authentic tables with cushions are set on the wooden terraces on the slopes close to the brook and by the brook. In some restaurants, tables are on the rafts. The valley covered by forests is cool even in the summer. The commonly preferred dish in this area is usually trout. The trout are kept in the pools in restaurant gardens. They are usually fried, cooked in a crock or grilled. Also, there are some sites in the area proper for mountain-biking and trekking.

Coming from the Taurus Mountains, Obaçay falls into the Mediterranean from the west of Dim River. There are picnic areas in Kadıpınarı whre the brook rises. The shade of pine and plane trees is always cool. Kadıini Cave, known as the first settlement of Alanya in the prehistoric times, is here, too. It’s inconvenient to enter the cave for safety as there are no arrangements yet. Trout fish is the most desirable dish and it’s a preferable dish in the restaurants of Kadıpınarı.


Söğüt Plateau
It’s located in the inner parts of the Taurus Mountains. You can reach the plateau from the bank of Demirtaş Brook, using a stabilized road where there are citrus fruits gardens, green houses, greengrowths and pine trees. From Demirtaş, Kaş is in 30 km, Sapadere in 35 km, Tokar in 40 km and Söğüt Pasture in 50 km. There are country cafes and restaurants in plateau countries.    

Dereköy Plateau

It’s a plateau country situated on the side of the valley where Kargı Brook flows in the south of Alanya. It was founded between the pine trees and vegetable fruit gardens. You can go there using the 30 km. asphalt road. The forest is convenient for people to take a picnic and go for a walk. You can do shopping from the country grocer and then drink a stewed tea in the country cafe. There are also country restaurants offering meat dishes.