Our Mission:
Since 1995, we’ve worked to be a trustworthy and dependable community resource providing reliable homeowner services at a fair price.

Our Difference:
We pride ourselves by dealing with only well established construction companies within the Alanya/Antalya region, this enables us to present only the best value and the highest standards of build quality on to our prospective clients.
Our Aim: Our friendly Turkish and English speaking staff are always on hand to provide you with professional advice on a range of issues and with our extensive knowledge of local areas we will be able to help you find your ideal property in Turkey.

Whether the property is used as holiday residence, permanent residence or retirement residence, the purchase of property is always an investment for the future. Alanya Keys Real-Estate office are located in Alanya, offering you its incomparable services 365 days a year. (see Service Package)

Providing that one can respect and is familiar with the rules and regulations, purchase of property in Turkey is relatively simple, safe and without any risk. Each transfer of ownership is registered at the Land Registry Office. After the transfer of ownership the new owner receives a proof of ownership, the so-called  “Tapu”  (proof of registration at the Land Registry Office). The Land Registry Office is managed by the municipality. For the exchange of deeds the “old” and the “new” owner should be present at the Land Registry Office in person with their identity papers, a set of recent passport photos and the full name of their father. Moreover the presence of a sworn interpreter is required when either the buyer or seller is of foreign nationality.

In the event of there being an existing legacy, a legal will drawn up in the country of origin is officially recognized. If there is no legal will, then the Turkish law of succession is applied.

The tapu is only issued at the Land Registry Office in the presence of a sworn interpreter. Never accept a transfer of ownership through a lawyer, a notary or through so-called friends or acquaintances! 

Legislation with regard to the purchase of real estate by Non-Residents
Private Non-Residents are permitted to purchase real estate in Turkey on the condition that they comply with a few specific regulations. 

According to § 35 of the Turkish Land Register, Private Non-Residents are authorized to buy or inherit property in Turkey provided that there is no change of by-laws on a reciprocal basis.
This particular legal regulation consents to the acquisition of landownership by Private Non-Residents

Restrictions that need to be complied with:

1) New! On the 3rd of July 2003 a statutory change was made concerning Private Non-Residents. In accordance with the new Land Register Law §4916 Section 19 Chapter 35 Private Non-Residents are authorized to buy and subsequently pass down property from now on within the municipal boundaries as well.

 The instructions issued by the Central Administration should be complied with  and in particular with reference to the areas that are located outside of tourist zones in addition to areas that are located outside of municipal boundaries that are part of these tourist zones as well.

2-1) According to the military Forbidden-Zone-Law Nr. 2565 and the Security-Zone-Law Private Non-Residents are notpermitted to buy property in the forbidden military zones of the 1st and 2nd degree and neither are they allowed to do so in military security zones. It is for this reason that it is crucial for Private Non-Residents to check with the military authorities in question whether the property that they are planning to purchase is located outside of a military forbidden zone or a military security zone


Land Register Registration (TAPU)

 Passing on power of attorney: The future buyer hands over the power of attorney to the Real Estate Agent who sells the property. This power of attorney will authorize the Real Estate Agent to carry out routine matters such as the registration of electricity, water and telephone as well as carrying out essential procedures for Land Registration on behalf of his client.

B) Application Land Register (will be sent to the military authorities in Izmir)

 In order to continue with this procedure the following documents and information are required to be presented:

By the Buyer:
 2 recent passport photos of the Buyer
 2 copies of proof of identity
 your residential address in your own country and the first name of your father
 New! Your tax number (we will apply for this number locally)

By the Vendor:
 1 recent passport photo of the Vendor
 2 copies of proof of identity
 addresses of the Real Estate Agent and the Vendor respectively
 New! Tax number

 Prior to the protocol a sworn interpreter will establish and confirm verbally with you the location and the characteristics of the purchased property. Subsequently you will receive an original copy of the Tapu (proof of ownership). If you wish, you can use the services of our in-house sworn translator and our in-house lawyer to have the Tapu translated and certified.

Extra costs
Conveyance tax:
3% of the property value stated in the Tapu Office. This is paid at one of
the State Banks at the time of conveyance (the amount stated in the
Tapu Office is lower than the real property value and approximately between
200-500 Euro).• Fee for certified translator at the Tapu Office. A certified translator
is required by law to translate the document to the foreign national.
• Fee for certified translator at Notary Public
• Registration Fee at the Tapu Office
• Giving Power of Attorney
• Signing “promise to buy and sell contract” at Notary Public Office
• Obtaining “Completion Report” (Newly built properties only)
Totally €2000 Annually

Property tax:
0,1% of the property value declared by the local municipality (to be paid
before the end of May each year).Electricity
New connection of electricity meter:
Approx. 100 Euro (once only)Energy cost per kwh:
Approx. 0,10 EuroWater
New connection of water meter:
Approx. 60 EuroWater cost per m3:
Approx. 0,75 EuroLand Line
You can only get a land line telephone regiterered if you have
residence permitTelephone connection:
Approx. 4 Euro
Cost per unit:
Approx. 0.036 Euro

Monthly rental:
Approx. 3.66 Euro

Unit period (province):
60 Seconds