Additional Services

Reliability and quality at reasonable prices. In Alanya we are at your service for 365 days of the year.

Your property is provided “ready to move in” and includes the tapu
(registration at the land registry office)

The registration of your property (conveyance tax) and the registration of electricity connection/supply and water connection/supply at the respective authorities is arranged by us free of charge.

When necessary we will assist you during the registration of a telephone connection. Furthermore you will receive an overview of the most important telephone numbers.

Are you in need of a decorator? We have local business contacts providing the best price performance ratio! For any other job relating to your property we also have the right business contacts.

We can assist you in booking a flight ticket at a good rate.
We are most willing to reconfirm your return flight. Please provide us with the required flight details

Trusteeship of your property: we will inspect your property at regular intervals; in the event of any damage caused by rainfall/thunderstorm and/or any other external conditions, the damage will be repaired as soon as possible if necessary

Notify us the date of your arrival and your property will be cleaned. Against cost price our personnel will fill your refrigerator before arrival.During your stay in Alanya we can arrange a charwoman for you upon request

If you wish, we are more than happy to look after the rental as well as the insurance of your home. You can return home with a peace of mind, while we do our job which works to your great profit. You can count on us!

Transfer between Antalya and Alanya with our Company shuttle bus service, at a cost of 60 euro per booking and per journey. We will provide you with driver, car, etc..

Alanya Keys Team service also means providing information. Apart from sun, sea and sand they knows all the interesting sights like the castle, mountains, rivers and for example, the fragrant lemon, orange and banana plantations.

At your request our Alanya Keys Team will take care of cleaning your home before, during or after your stay. A cleaning maid costs 25,- Euro per day.

Alanya Keys Team love to be at your assistance and will give you useful advice on the formalities after purchase like opening a bank account, applying for a residence permit or the best and cheapest insurance for the home of your dreams.

Alanya Keys Team will help advise and assist you with the interior design of your home. They have the best contacts with the most well known businesses. Electrical appliances, TV, satellite, curtains, you name it, they will find it!

You are in very capable hands with them. We know best medical facilities like family doctors and local pharmacies. You can even have an emergency number programmed into your telephone and We can also help you with the right health insurance.

Your four-footed friend is also guaranteed the best care here! Our Team knows the best vets in Alanya. Our Team always contact with vets. We will make some discounts for them.

Free Dental Appointment