Residental Fire Insurance

Insurance Compnay Residential Fire Insurance cover your home and the contents in it against several risks such as fire, theft, flood and/or eartquake.Your home might become unusable. If you’re a tenant you might have to move out… If you’re an owner, you might lose expected rental income. You might even have to pay the expenses of moving or of removal of debris.Insurance Compnay Residential Fire Insurance policy issued for your home and properties will cover you against all these risks and ensure your continued happiness.Insurance Compnay Residential Fire Insurance Policy is a single policy that provides coverage against 24 separate risks. It is a comprehensive package insurance policy specially designed for your needs. With this policy you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your house, your furnishings, and even your loved ones are covered.

Moreover Insurance Compnay Residential Fire Insurance provides you an extremely economic solution to have such a wide coverage.What’s more, even though it provides such extensive coverage, Insurance Compnay Home Insurance is a highly economic solution.

The risks, automatically covered by Insurance Compnay Residential Fire Insurance policy are listed below:
Fire, Lightning, Explosions, Theft, Flood, Internal water, Storms, Landslides, Smoke, Snow weight, Vehicle impact, Aircraft impact, Removal of Debris, Fire financial liability (neighborhood / tenant liability), Loss of rent, Temporary residence cost (due to suffered losses), Strike, Riot, Civil Commodation, Malicious Acts & Terrorism

Insurance Compnay Home Assistance
Optional additional coverage is also available for:
Earthquake, Glass breakage, Sea vessel impact, Electronic equipment insurance, Machinery Breakdown, Family insurance (Personal accident and third-party liability)

As a householder you’re required by law to issue a “Compulsory Earthquake Insurance Policy”. Your contents and the difference between sum insured of the building&foundation of your house and the limit of compulsory earthquake insurane are covered by Insurance Compnay Residential Fire Insurance policy.

Other special advantages automatically provided by Insurance Compnay Fire Residential Insurance policy offer even more coverage for your happiness and peace of mind now and at even more attractive prices:

New Replacement value clause, Fixed installations’ theft, Painting coverage, Tranportation to a temporary address, Furnishings covered even if at a different location (New), Furnishings covered even if outside the dwelling (New), Guests’ properties also covered (New), Fuel leakages, Special discount for more than one dwelling. Only at Anadolu Insurance Company (New), No-claims bonus
Transferable no-claims bonus (New), Reserving of no-claims bonus (New), Valuables ( Only if the sum-insured is indicated on the policy), Cash and negotiable securities ( Only if the sum-insured is indicated on the policy).

New Replacement Value
When any insured risk occurs in your home or its furnishings, the loss indemnification payments is calculated based on the new replacement value of the damaged item at the time damage takes place. No deductions are made for worn-out and/or corrosion and/or use.

Fixed Installations’ theft

Fixed installations of the building are protected against theft risk.

Painting coverage

If the insured is a tenant, in case of a loss included in the policy, the expenses of painting, whitewashing, varnishing and fixed decoration are covered.

Transportation to a temporary address
Items that are specified in the policy are covered against risks to which may occur while they are temporarily transported to an other address for purposes of maintenance and/or repair.

Furnishings covered even if at a different location
Furnishings that are moved and/or stored in a different location in order to protect them during or after a loss, are covered against the risks covered in the policy

Furnishings covered even if outside the dwelling
The insured contents, in the borders of T.R. and N.C.T.R., are covered up to 5% of the total contents and precious belongings in case of being kept outside the insured address..

Guests’ properties also covered
Items belongings of the guests in the insured residence are covered up to a TRY 1,000 limit.

Fuel leakages
Direct damages of fuel leakage at the fixed heating installations to the insured belongings is included with the limit of 5% of total sum insured.

Special discount for more than one residence
If you have more than one policy providing building coverage you qualify for a 10% discount.

No-claims bonus
At the first renewal following a year in which there were no claims, a 15% discount is applied. This no-claims discount is 20% at the second renewal and 30% at the third.

Transferable no-claims bonus
If you have a residential insurance policy with another insurance company and have reported no claims on it during the most recent year, you qualify for a no-claims bonus when you purchase a …………….. Residential Fire policy

Reserving of no-claims bonus
If the total value of losses reported at your insured residence while the policy remains in force is less than or equal to 5‰ of the total sum insured, your no-claims bonus status is not affected.


Works of art, antiques, articles made from precious metals, jewellery, furs, antique and precious carpets, and all other similar items are also covered provided that their sums insured are indicated and the items are listed as valuables on the policy.

Cash and negotiable securities
Cash items and negotiable securities are covered up to 5% of the total sum insured of the contents, provided that their sums insured are indicated and the items are listed as cash and negotiable securities on the policy.

Machinery Breaskdown
The policy provides coverage for elevators, generators, transformers, boiler room equipment, and pool installations that are part of your residence.

Complete protection against inflation with Insurance Compnay Home Insurance
You may have your Insurance Compnay Residential Fire Insurance policy protected against the effects of inflation if you wish. In this way, increases in the value of your home and furnishings due to inflation will be covered up to a desired rate during the lifetime of a one-year policy.

Insurance Compnay Assistance
Insurance Compnay Service is at your disposal with whatever services you may need in your home. These services include:
Plumbing repairs, Electrical system installation and repairs, Replacement of external windows, Locksmith services, Emergency rescue of people inside the dwelling, Hotel accommodation when your residence become unusable due to a loss covered in the policy, Security services for your home in the event of damage to it, Professional home services organization, Information and organization services, Dispatching doctors and/or ambulances, Dispatching specialist nurses and/or caregivers, Paying insurance-covered invoices, Assistance when hospitalization is required, Coverage for travel expenses that are incurred on account of losses taking place in the dwelling, Coverage for travel expenses that are incurred on account of the death of a first-degree member of the family, Sending urgent messages, Legal consultancy services, Medical assistance services.


Item 3- Those conditions are out of the content of the guarantee
a) All costs and damages caused by wars, every war happennings, invasion, alien enemy actions, clash (even if there is war or not), internal wars, civil insurrection,revolution, commotion, disciplinary and military actions needed because of such conditions.
b) All costs and damages caused by any nuclear fuel or nuclear wastes as the result of nucleer burning, or as causes or results of those conditions, ionizing radiation ray sor radioactive invasions; disciplinary and military actions needed because of such conditions.(In this paragrapg the meaning of the word,burning, also contains the nucleer fission happening which is happened bu itself).
c) All costs and damages caused by disposals on the property by the community authority.
d) Effects of the demolition and salvage workers, in case of fire or any fire actionsand directly effect of thunderbolt,
e) Whatever reason causes any financial responsibilities or losts of benefits ,
f) Burglary or burglary attempt,
g) Disasters such as soil errosionı,avalanche,volcanic eruptions, earthquakes flood, etc…
h) Deformations of the machines such as abrasions,corrosion, obsolescence caused by normal usage, calcifications of steam boilers, atmospheric effects,
i) Explosions caused by atmospheric electricity, sudden oksidation of chemical materials and gas or common reactions,
j) when machines are used before their damages which occured in the time of insurence are not healed,
k) Costs and damages caused by aforethoughts and big faults of the insured person or the responsible person who is in lieu of him.
l) All costs and damages of biological and/or chemical polution ,infection or intoxication caused by the intermeddlings of the authorities in order to prevent and decrease the effects of terror actions which are mentioned on the 3713 numbered intermeddling rules,and sabotage caused by those happennings.